our Story

Jeff & Trish

JHN Inc. d.b.a. Coustic-Glo was started by Jeff Newby and Mary Ann “Trish” Newby in 1985. Jeff began his career in advertising in New York and moved to Miami, FL in 1968 where he opened a television commercial production company that worked all over the world.

During the same time, Trish was a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines. Jeff & Trish met in Miami, moved to Los Angeles, and married in 1982. Both were sniffing around for a career change when a friend introduced them to Coustic-Glo, a franchise business with a unique process for cleaning and sanitizing acoustical ceilings. Jeff & Trish decided to buy the franchise and run it from Los Angeles part time. Part-time quickly turned into full-time, and the company’s focus began to shift.

Due to the outlaw of indoor smoking, the need for ceiling cleaning began to dwindle, and then their customers began to ask for their ceilings to be replaced. They started by subcontracting the installations out, but soon decided to change their services to solely acoustical installation and hired their own acoustical installers. The business transitioned quickly from an acoustical installation subcontractor to becoming one of the top specialty acoustical contractors in California.”

Over 35 years, they guided the company from its original start as a two-person operation working out of their house to the industry leader in custom, specialty acoustical contracting. Jeff and Trish sold the company to their long-time executives and retired to Florida to enjoy life without deadlines, travel around the country in their motorhome and travel internationally with their friends and neighbors.